The official Margarita Man mixes are award-winning concentrates using only the finest natural ingredients with pure cane sugar to produce perfect mouthwatering frozen drinks in any barrel freezer or granita machine.


Apple Cider

This delicious flavor is perfect for your fall or winter holiday gathering. Warm notes of apple and cinnamon guarantee not to disappoint.

Margarita Man® Apple Cider concentrate, water, spirits


Made with natural banana flavoring and perfect for banana daiquiris or banana slushes

Margarita Man® Banana concentrate, water, rum (spirits optional)

Blue Hawaiian

Hints of coconut and pineapple will make this tropical favorite a hit at your next party.

Margarita Man® Blue Hawaiian concentrate, water, Rum (optional)

Blue Raspberry

This popular kid flavor has a bubblegum taste.

Margarita Man® Blue Raspberry concentrate, water, (adult spirits may also be added if desired)

Cherry Bomb

Kids love our cherry flavor… and it works for adult beverages too.

Margarita Man® Cherry concentrate, water, vodka (optional)


This traditional cola flavor is delicious with or without alcohol. It makes great jack ‘n cokes & rum ‘n cokes
Margarita Man® Cola concentrate, water, bourbon or rum (spirits optional)


Orange cream, tastes like a lifesaver. Great for kids

Margarita Man® Dreamsicle concentrate, water, vodka (optional)

Feelin’ no Pain

Modeled after the infamous Painkiller® cocktail, this island drink originated at the Soggy Dollar Bar in the BVI and has rum-infused orange, pineapple, and splash of coconut

Margarita Man® Feelin’ no Pain concentrate, water, light & dark rum


Organic strawberry & lemon flavors make our frosé simply irresistible

Margarita Man® Frosé concentrate, water, rosé wine, vodka

Goombay Smash

A Bahamian blend of pineapple, apricot, and coconut, this is a superb rum drink and also great without alcohol

Margarita Man® Goombay Smash concentrate, water, rum

Sour Green Apple | Appletini

The sweetness and tartness of a succulent green sour apple makes perfect frozen Appletinis

Margarita Man® Green Apple concentrate, water, vodka


This popular New Orleans drink blends natural passion fruit and organic lime oil with light and dark rums for a flavor as distinctive as the city it was born in

Margarita Man® Hurricane concentrate, water, rum

Mai Tai

A Hawaiian specialty featuring almond, lime, orange, and grenadine flavors

Margarita Man® Mai Tai concentrate, water, dark rum


A delicious alternative to the traditional margarita, and one of our personal favorites

Margarita Man® Go Mango concentrate, water, tequila, or rum (spirits optional)


Our award-winning flagship drink. Made with organic lemon & lime flavors

Margarita Man® Margarita concentrate, water, tequila, triple sec


A chocolate/coffee blend that you can use to serve mudslides with vodka or non-alcoholic frozen coffees

Margarita Man® Mudslide concentrate, water, vodka (spirits optional)

Neutral Base

Create your own delicious margarita, daiquiri, or slush by adding your favorite flavors to our neutral base mix that is specially formulated to freeze properly in a margarita / slush machine

Margarita Man® Neutral Base concentrate, water, flavor of your choice, spirits (optional)

Orange Power

This high-octane beverage features natural orange flavoring that pairs perfectly with a neutral grain alcohol.

Margarita Man® Orange Power concentrate, water, (Everclear may also be added if desired)

Peach Bellini

Natural peach flavor makes delicious peach bellinis, margaritas, or daiquiris.

Margarita Man® Peach Bellini concentrate, water, spirits (optional)

Piña Colada

Hints of pineapple and coconut

Margarita Man® Piña Colada concentrate, water, rum (optional)

Pumpkin Spice

Move over Pumpkin Spice latte, make room for the Pumpkin Spice frozen daiquiri! Your favorite fall flavor is now available as a mouthwatering frozen cocktail or slush

Margarita Man® Pumpkin Spice concentrate, water, spirits

Rum Runner

This drink blends pineapple, banana, blackberry, grenadine, and orange

Margarita Man® Rum Runner concentrate, water, dark rum


Mouthwatering orange, lime & lemon flavors

Margarita Man® Sangria concentrate, water, red wine, brandy


Popular and versatile with organic puréed strawberries and organic strawberry flavor

Margarita Man® Strawberry concentrate, water, tequila, rum, or vodka (spirits optional)

Strawberry Banana

Made with organic strawberry purée & natural banana flavoring, this one is a kid favorite

Margarita Man® Strawberry Banana concentrate, water

Summertime Lemonade

The perfect summertime refreshment, made with organic lemon flavors

Margarita Man® Summertime Lemonade concentrate, water, tequila or vodka (spirits optional)

TKO – Tropical Knockout

Tropical punch, pineapple, orange, lime flavor. Think Red Hots, except it’s icy cold

Margarita Man® TKO Tropical Knockout concentrate, water, rum or vodka (optional)


Now made with all-natural watermelon flavors. All the juicy fun without the seeds.

Margarita Man® Watermelon concentrate, water, vodka (spirits optional)

White Russian

We know you will love this one. Serve in a Hurricane glass and top with chocolate shavings or coffee beans

Margarita Man® White Russian concentrate, water, vodka & Kahlua (spirits optional)

This is the same Margarita Man mix sold to restaurant and bar suppliers nationwide as a top-tier product that you too can provide and serve at your event through Margarita Man NE Ohio exclusively!

We still make our award-winning mix concentrates at our plant in the Texas Hill Country. Our liquid concentrates are now made using pure cane sugar! Margarita Man mixes also feature natural ingredients that pronounce the flavors and enhance your cocktail. All flavors are perfectly formulated to make mouthwatering frozen drinks in any frozen margarita machine or granita machine.

Each half gallon margarita concentrate makes about 5-gallons of frozen drinks. In all our mixes, adding alcohol is optional. There is a noticeable taste difference with our high-quality Margarita Man mixes vs. other brands and substitutes. Yes, Margarita Man mix may cost more because it’s a concentrate, but as a concentrate, it also makes a lot more than your ready-to-pour store-bought brands by 2X to 3X, so it’s cheaper to use in our margarita machines.










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Once you add liquor and water, our half-gallon concentrate of traditional flavor margaritas will yield five gallons or about 85 eight-ounce drinks.

All other fruit flavors yields three and a half gallons or about 60 eight-ounce drinks. We recommend one batch of mix for every 40 to 50 guests. Each machine is capable of serving drinks for about 100 guests.

Who Provides the liquor?

You provide all of the liquor needed for drinks. A medium strength batch of margaritas calls for three liters tequila, and between one half and one liter triple sec liqueur. Remember, you have full control over how strong you want your margaritas.

How long does a batch take to make?

The first batch of drinks will freeze down in about forty minutes. There is no waiting between batches because you can add to the reservoir as you need to. You can do this at any time, but you should preferably do this before the machines’ mix-low alert light comes on.

Pay Only For What You Use

We deliver several additional mixes to meet your needs, but you only pay for what has been opened. Just make sure to plan your alcohol requirements accordingly! For large or unique events, our staff can help!